Welcome to “Recipes for Grace”


OK.  That’s a dumb name.  But it’s all I could think of right now.  We can change it later.
Anyway, ever since I noticed in a church cookbook a note behind a recipe for chocolate bars that said, “Pastor loves these” I knew  I had been the recipient of food ministry.  We serve food to those we love . . . we gather around food in our community of faith to celebrate . . . we bring food to each other as a way of supporting and encouraging in times of need . . . we eat when we study God’s Word and when we fellowship.  Jesus himself has ministered to us with the food of his body and blood around the Table of Mercy.  So here is a place where we can share our recipes and stories.

Here are the rules:  (oh why did I did I just mix Law and Gospel!  For shame!)

1.  Each recipe title must begin with a person’s name.  It doesn’t matter if the recipe is your original creation or originated from you in any way except that you made it!  What matters is that HERE at Grace of God, we connect this dish to YOU because you served it to us.

2.  Each recipe must have a little story to share the context of when it was served.

3.  It must be good!  🙂

You can submit recipes to the blog administrator for posting!  grace@graceofgodlutheran.com

One thought on “Welcome to “Recipes for Grace”

  1. Jennifer Swanson says:

    What a fabulous idea!!! I’m in as soon as I can come up with something, 😉
    PS. Best pumpkin cheesecake EVER!!!

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